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Casino Withdrawal Documents: First payout and KYC verification



 Exciting times Ė you have won at the online casino and itís time to request your first withdrawal. But this is the time and place where things can get hairy really quick and being prepared for the verification process will give you a much needed edge. Donít be alarmed, we will discuss all the points of your first payout request at the online casino, what to expect and how to be better prepared for a fast and trouble-free withdrawal verification process.

The KYC (Know Your Customer) verification of casino player identity

Unlike the regular land based casinos (or even the high street bookmakers), where you just put your money in the slot machine or exchange your cash for chips at the casino table, the online casinos are on the exact opposite extreme. They work with all payment methods except cash, which makes the KYC rule so much more important. There is nothing really special or concerning about it Ė the online casino simply must verify that you are who you say you are, before they can process your first withdrawal. Some online casinos even go a step further and will do the KYC process after you have reached a certain amount of deposits, even if you didnít request a payout. Itís a way for the casino to make sure that no identity theft, money laundering or any other type of abuse is occurring with the new customer accounts.

How does the identity verification work?

Oh, how many times we have seen people request a withdrawal for the first time at any of the online casinos and start emailing questions like ďI just requested a withdrawal and the casino is asking for documents! What do I do? Is this legit?Ē. Truth be told, itís a standard procedure with all online casinos. How does it work? Very simple: when you request a withdrawal of your winnings for the first time at the casino, you will receive an email asking you to submit certain documents that the gambling site in turn will use to verify your identity. You can read about those documents further down.

Once you have emailed (or faxed) the copies of those documents, the casino will make sure that all is in order and your withdrawal will be processed. The best part of the KYC procedure is that you have to do it only once and you are done. Once you have verified your information, there will be no further delays with your payout requests in the future. But donít try to circumvent your real information when you sign up for a casino account, or your withdrawal wonít be processed and your account will be closed. There are lots of scammers out there to get money from the casinos, along with legal and regulatory obligations, and they donít play around with the verification process. You should have no privacy concerns if you have chosen one of the recommended casinos on our website, each of them have over a decade of clean track record for handling their customersí private information.

What documents are required

The exact documents needed to verify your identity when making your first withdrawal at the online casinos will be casino-specific, but there are some basic ones that are common to all casino websites. Here is the list of the generally accepted KYC documents requested by the casinos:

  • Personal ID Ė you will need to copy the front of your ID document with the picture clearly visible.
  • Drivers Licence Ė an alternative to the ID and the copy should be made in the same way.
  • Passport
  • Utility Bill Ė a copy of a utility bill that shows your name and address on it. It could be anything Ė cable bill, gas bill, internet, mobile, etc.
  • Credit Card Copy Ė if you made deposits with credit or debit card, the casino may require that you also send a copy of your credit card with your name clearly showing.

These are the most commonly requested documents by the online casinos when it comes time to verify your identity and receive your first withdrawal. Most of the time all you would need is a copy of your drivers licence and the utility bill, and a credit card copy, if you used one to fund your casino account. You will significantly speed up the verification process if you have those copies ready to be emailed as soon as you get the request from the casino, rather than start collecting them after.


How long does it take for the documents to be approved and the withdrawal sent?

This, again, will vary among the online casinos, but generally it would take one business day, two at most, if you are doing this during a busy day for the casinos. If you have your documents ready as we advised, you will be well ahead of the average customer. Once your documents are approved, you will get your withdrawal in the time frame specified for the payment method youíve chosen.

Document verification problems

In most cases you should have no issues with the customer verification process and your withdrawal will be on its way the next day. But that would be a perfect world and we donít live in one. Here we will list some of the common problems with the verification documents and how you may remedy them. Donít be alarmed right away if you receive an email from the casino saying that your documents were not approved, itís not the end of the world. You may find out that the documents were not approved because:

  • Address/Name on documents donít match with account name/address Ė the most common reason for your verification document not being approved is the simplest one Ė they donít match. This often happens when people try to pull a fast one on the casino and end up with fake information being entered during the registration process. You have no one else to blame but yourself for trying to cheat the casino. If, on the other side, the reason is more innocent, for example you moved from the time you opened the account or you live with someone else and thei bills are in their name Ė talk to the casino customer support. They will be more than happy to help you out and use different docs to complete the KYC process.
  • Illegible documents or copies Ė sometimes copies of documents donít come out legible enough. This could be a real problem, if on top of the copying, you also fax them to the casino, instead of emailing. Just redo the copies and send them for another review.
  • Document Not Acceptable Ė sometimes you may send a copy of a document that is not on the accepted documents for ID verification. You would be surprised how many people send copies of mail envelopes instead of an actual utility bill. The online casino will let you know which ones are good and which donít meet the criteria they have established.


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