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Which casino depositing method is the best?



 A question we are often asked by beginners at the online casinos is which depositing methods is the best and they should choose. Let me be frank right from the start – there is no such thing as universally “best” method for funding your casino account. Which one is the best for you would greatly depend on your personal preferences and circumstances. Here we will take a look at some of the major payment methods at the online casino and compare them to give you a better idea of which one you should select for depositing.

The most popular and the easiest of them all is, of course, credit card or debit card. The online casinos treat the credit and debit cards alike, but your bank may not. So if you choose this depositing method, make sure that you won’t be charged any fees by the credit card issuer or, if you are using debit card, that your bank don’t charge any fees for online transactions. In this day and age, most banks wouldn’t charge you a fee for using a credit card online in your own country, but if you play at an online casino that is based somewhere outside the UK or EU, your bank may charge you a foreign transaction fee. Keep an eye for those pitfalls, depending on the bank, those foreign transaction fees could be quite sizable.

The said fees are also one of the reasons many people choose to deal with ewallets, instead, such as PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. The ewallets work as a virtual debit card – you fund your ewallet using various methods, such as credit cards or bank transfer and then you can use the ewallet to deposit money at your online casino account. One of the benefits to using ewallets to deposit is that the money are available instantly and you can seamlessly withdraw your winnings back to the ewallet. Many ewallets will also offer a debit card, which will be associated with your ewallet account and you can use the card to purchase things offline, as well. But the real benefit of the ewallet as a depositing method at the online casino is that neither the casino nor the ewallet would charge you any fees for transferring money to and from the casino. Those charges are absorbed by the casino itself and you can enjoy instant and free deposits.

And finally, for the people not owning a credit/debit card or a bank account, or simply don’t want to disclose this information online, the best depositing method at the casino for them is to use the vouchers, such as Ukash voucher. The work much like a pre-paid phone card, which you can by at many offline retailers. You simply purchase the voucher with cash and then use the voucher number to deposit money into your casino account. You can learn more about how the Ukash vouchers work by following the link above.

As you can see, there are plenty of choices to fit the lifestyle of any player at the online casino. Which one is the best depends entirely on you and which features appeal to you the most.


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