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Play online casino for free, we teach you how



 The casino games are extremely fun to play, especially with the latest and greatest theme slots the online casinos have been introducing lately. They are a great way to kill some time or simply relax for a while. Many people, however, think that you have to risk your money in order to play those awesome video slots from publishers like Microgaming and NetEnt. Sure, there are some websites that offer plenty of free games, some of which are video slots, but they simply cannot compare with the production quality of the slots created especially for the online casinos. But it’s no secret – you can play all of them for free and we will tell you how.

Before we start, we should note that there is another way to play at the casino for free, yet win real money, via the so-called no deposit bonus. If this is why you landed on this page, follow the link to our no deposit bonus list to see what’s available out there.

There is really no trick or anything of the sort. Some people just don’t know that every online casino offers a free version of their software. Yes, a completely free way to play every online casino you can think of. But there are a few things you must consider, which we will talk about a bit further, so read all the way through this guide.

If you want to play online casino for free, all you have to do is download the casino software install it and open a “play money” account when you start the casino for the first time. If you need help with getting started, see our getting started guide. When you start the casino you will be given two choices: open a real money account or play money account.

The actual wording of the two may differ form casino to casino, but the general idea is the same. The first account will let you play the casino games with real money, you will be risking your own money and when you win – you will win real money. But the second account option is what we are really concerned with here and what will let you play online casino for free. If you just want to play the casino games for fun, no money required, opt in for the “play money” account. You don’t even have to give the casino your information, just your name and email, and you will have a play money account. Make sure that you use your actual email, if in the future you decide that you want to try your luck with real money, your account will be associated with that email. And don’t worry about spam, if you have chosen one of the casinos we recommend.

The online casino will instantly give you “fake” casino chips, which you in turn can use to play on virtually any casino game – from the best slots to the blackjack table. The only versions you won’t be able to access with the play money are the progressive jackpot games and the live dealers, for obvious reasons. With the play money now you can play all the beautiful and entertaining slots as long as you wish. If you run out of chips, simply reload with play money and do it all over again. You don’t have to risk losing a penny, yet you can play the real games all you want. This is also a great way to try the games an online casino offers prior to opening a real money account. If you don’t like the games – you have lost nothing.


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