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Do online casinos really pay out?



 Question as old as the online casinos themselves Ė do the online casinos pay out real money? Will they pay out my winnings? Do they really pay out real money? Questions like these are being asked all the time, not just here, but on forums and other websites, as well. And we perfectly understand how people could feel apprehensive and find it hard to believe that websites claiming to be online casinos will actually send them money. After all, how many people have been burnt by websites giving fake promises or sending out fake cheques? So we decided to settle this once and for all:

Do online casinos really pay out?

The short answer is Ė yes. The casinos listed on our website, at least, do. You have to understand that a large number of online casinos (and other gambling websites, such as bookmakers and poker rooms) are licensed and regulated entities, just like the casino you can visit offline. They are real companies, doing real business and, yes, paying out real money.

Now, that said, there are some bad apples, too. Since the online casinos are enjoying an ever-increasing popularity, there are plenty of criminals that would exploit it, often by creating casino websites that simply serve the function of robbing you of your money or collecting personal information.

Then there are the internet casinos that try everything in their power to avoid paying big winners. They will pay the small winners, but when you win big Ė will look for any way to decline sending you your money Ė they will have some obscure clause in their terms and conditions, created solely to give them the legal option to decline paying out people who have won big.

How do I find good online casino paying real money?

But donít be discouraged too quickly. itís the nature of the Internet, for every good website there are ten bad ones; and itís the same with the online casinos. By now you should be asking Ė how do I find the good casinos that do pay out real money? Itís simple Ė you can find a great selection right here on our website. We have removed the many hours needed to do a proper research of each online casino (or in most cases, the guesswork) and have reviewed only the very best casinos for the UK gambler. Casinos that have been in operation for at least 10 years and have a very long and proven track of paying out their customers. Of course, we canít guarantee that you will win at the online casino, but we can say that you will get paid by the online casino once you do win, regardless of big or small. Donít risk ending up at a rogue casino, just pick one of the reviewed casinos here and you can rest assured that it will pay out without problems.

Do online casinos pay real money?

Of course. Years ago, when online gambling wasnít as popular as it is today, there were a lot of websites offering just free casino games, where you did not actually won real money but played just for fun. People who remember those websites (they are still around, just not as popular anymore) often wonder if the online casinos pay real money or do they just offer free casino games. Today, however, the online casinos give you the option to either play for fun or play for real money. You can deposit real money at the casino account and gamble with them, winning real money. Or you can opt in for the free play accounts and just do it for fun, itís up to you which you will chose. But the bottom line is that yes, the online casinos do pay out real money.

How do the online casinos pay out winnings?

Another question you may ask yourself is how do the casinos pay out my winnings? Clearly cash is not an option, since the casino wonít send you a bundle of bills over the mail. But there are plenty of ways the online casinos send out the winnings to the lucky players. The most common is via a cheque in the mail, which you can cash at your bank. They can also send the money back to your credit card, if you used one to deposit, or pay out via an ewallet, etc. You can see the list of the most popular payment methods of the casinos here. They can even send you a Ukash voucher, if you donít have a bank account.


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