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Casino Bonus Types - Classification of online casino bonuses



 While today virtually every online casino offers at least a welcome bonus for new customers, and many offering ongoing bonuses for existing players, one can classify the bonuses and showcase their differences. You may not feel affected, after all, the bonus is just free money given to players by the casinos, and who doesn’t like free money, but the truth is that there is a big difference that would affect the customer of the casino website, depending in which classification the bonus falls. You can see examples of casino bonuses here, so let’s look at the different ways we can classify the promo offers by the online casinos.

Casino Bonus Types: By Customer

New Customer Bonus – the so called welcome bonus, given by the online casinos only to people who are opening an account with the casino for the first time. As a rule of thumb, this is the biggest bonus you can get at the gambling websites, used by the casinos to entice the future customer to join them over another brand. This is also the bonus the casinos promote the most and every player should take advantage of it. Depending on the casino you’ve chosen, the welcome bonus could more than double your starting bankroll, giving you the chance to play with higher stakes, while actually risking smaller amount of your own money.

Existing Customer Bonus – Unlike the new customer bonus above, the existing customer promotions are available to players already claimed the welcome offer. Make sure that the online casino you choose offers bonuses to current customers and plenty of them. It is not uncommon for the top casinos to offer daily reload bonuses, special no-deposit offers, etc.

Casino Bonus Types: By Method Of Calculation

It is important to make this distinction when classifying the types of bonuses at the internet casinos. It is often a source of grief for some players, because they fail to understand how most of the casinos actually calculate the bonus offers. Here we will look at the two most common types and you will see how people can get confused over the actual bonus promoted by the casino.

Percentage Bonus – the most common way of calculating the casino bonus is as a percentage of the deposit the customer makes. It is calculated as an advertised percentage of the money you deposit at the casino, for example, a 100% bonus will double the money you deposit at the gambling website. Keep in mind that there is a maximum amount of bonus you can receive and that amount is usually what the online casinos advertise to potential customers. So if you see a casino advertising £200 free, know that this often is the maximum amount of free money you can get. The actual bonus will still be calculated as a percentage of your deposit, for example 50%, which means that if you want to get the full £200 bonus you must deposit £400.

Set Amount – not many online casinos will offer this type of bonus, but some will, often as an existing customer reload bonus. Rather simple, this type of bonus will give you a certain amount of free casino chips when you deposit a specified amount of money, for example, deposit £20 and get £20 free. Unlike the percentage deposit noted above, the set amount has no wiggle room, it’s as simple as they come.

No Deposit Bonus – the rarest of them all, yet the most sought after. The no-deposit bonus is the best because it just gives you free money to play at the casino without having to risk any of your own. This kind of casino bonus is often offered for new customers, but existing customers also have the opportunity to enjoy it. Some casinos will simply give their players free money in the form of no-deposit bonus on occasion, especially those that patronize the online casino often. You can find a few of the no deposit bonuses here.


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