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Bonus Playthrough: What are the casino bonus wagering requirements?


 There is no doubt that the bonuses at the online casinos are a big draw for the players, but many fail to understand the play-through requirements associated with those casino bonuses and free offers. Sure it’s great to get some free money with the casino promotions, but in reality, would anyone give your free money without any terms and conditions?

The online casinos are no different, they want you to play at their property and they will give you free bonuses, but those bonuses will always come with wagering requirements. It would be great if you could just deposit money, get the free bonus and instantly withdraw it, doubling or tripling your money without any effort. But the online casinos are not in the charity business, that’s why every bonus comes with playthrough requirements.

What is bonus playthrough?

The wagering requirements mentioned exist for every bonus the casino gives to its customers. Basically, the bonus playthrough is a requisite of play before you can withdraw the free chips the casino gave you. The online casino requires that you play certain amount of chips before you can cash out your winnings stemming from the free bonus. The play-through requirements (also referred to at some online casinos as “wagering requirements”) are expressed as a multiple of your bonus or bonus+deposit money, for instance 30x (thirty times) bonus plus deposit.

Let’s look at an example of playthrough. Let’s assume that the casino offers a £100 bonus when you deposit £100 and the playthrough requirements at this particular online casino are 20x bonus+deposit. We simply have to do the basic math to find out how much we have to wager before we can withdraw the bonus and the winnings: 20x(100+100)=4,000, or we have to wager £4,000 before the playthrough requirements are satisfied and the bonus can be withdrawn as real money form your account. It may seem like a lot, but in reality this is a very low wagering requirement for a casino bonus and if you’ve played video slots before you know how far you can stretch a session.

Games excluded from the wagering requirements

At this point you may think – well, I might as well just bet on roulette on both black and red and knock out those wagering requirements in no time. Think again, the casinos are not stupid. Some games are excluded from contributing to the wagering requirements of a casino bonus, roulette being one of them, and generally all table games. make sure you check with the online casino to find out which casino games do not contribute to the playthrough. There are different bonuses, as well, for example, the Bet365 Casino offers a welcome bonuses for both slots and table games. Each one is different size and comes with different wagering requirements, thus if you want to play the table games with the bonus money, you can choose that specific free offer, which is smaller than the slots bonus.

Best way to complete the bonus playthrough wagering requirements

Just like anything else gambling, the wagering requirements can be best completed through luck. You have to be lucky in order to win more than you lose at the casinos, whether online or offline, and the same can be said about the playthough requirements. But you can dramatically improve your odds by following this advice: look for bonus feature rich video slots and double your stake. If you play a video slot with plenty of features and bonuses, such as free spins or rewards, you have better chance of raising your balance high enough to complete the wagering requirements without a problem.

And if you took a 100% match bonus, double your stake. The reason behind this is that you are playing with free money anyways, so if your planned stake was £1, start playing with £2 per spin. We all know that slots sometimes get hot and with a higher stake (which is essentially the same stake you planned on initially), you can make much more money if your video slot hits a hot streak. After, you can lower down your wager amount and just play to maintain your bankroll and cash out the bonus and all the winnings resulting from it.


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