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Are online casinos rigged? Do the casinos cheat?



 The question of whether the online casinos are rigged and if they cheat comes up more than anyone would like and sometimes for a good reason. Since the online casinos are virtual and operate almost all their games using a software, people tend to wonder if they are rigged and simply cheat the customers out of their money, instead of giving them a fair shot at winning. Many other reasons compel people sometimes to question the honesty of the online casino games, the major ones we would cover further down.

But right now, let’s just start by saying that there are rigged online casinos and it’s not uncommon to find casino that simply cheats the players. There are hundreds of casinos online and the odds of ending up at one of the cheating ones are quite high. That’s why we always advise to stick to the recommended casinos on our website – they are casinos with long track history of being honest and making plenty of people millionaires. We can say that the casinos on our list do not cheat their customers nor they are rigged. That said, if you just try to find yourself an online casino, maybe by doing an internet search, chances are against you that you may end up at a rigged casino. This should be considered a fair warning to you. There is a reason so many people visit our website and rely on us for recommendations when it comes to gambling at the online casinos.

Now, let’s talk more about why people think that the online casinos are rigged and they, in general, cheat people. As noted earlier, there are a myriad of reasons, but the main ones are:

  • Losing – the go-to reason of many to think that the casinos cheat. Nothing is more convincing that the casino is rigged than losing your money at one. More people lose money at the casinos (online or offline) than win. This is a fact, it has always been that way and will always be this way, because of:
    House Edge – even though it’s a common knowledge, most people, especially the ones that have lost at the casinos, quickly forget about the house edge. People misunderstand the casino games by thinking that, since it’s all based on odds, they should win just as much as they should lose. And this is where the elephant in the room comes – they simply choose to ignore the house edge. Every game at the casino (again, it doesn’t matter if it’s offline or online casino) has house edge built into it, where the game rules themselves ensure that the house will always win. We won’t go into the complex math details, you can find that dry subject online, but know that – You simply cannot beat the casino in the long run, because the house edge is factored at all of the games offered there and guarantee that the casino will make their money, the odds at all table games at a casino are always against you. Or in other words – it’s not that the casinos are rigged, the games themselves are what’s “rigged” to have the player lose in the long run. There is a reason there is a zero and even double zero on the roulette wheel.
    The same applies to the video slots – each video slot will have a payout percentage, meaning that within a certain period of time the slot machine will pay out certain percentage of the money it took. For the good online casinos, this percentage is over 96%, but some loss-leader video slots have been audited to offer over 100% payout rates. Those slots, of course, are used to attract more customers to the casino and while one of the high paying slots may give back 102%, another will pay out only 96%, still giving the casino 2% profit between the two. And when you think that usually there are just a handful of those 100%+ payout slots and the online casinos on average offer over 300 video slot games, it’s not hard to imagine how the casinos can afford those “overpaying” slots. The house edge also brings us to the next point:
  • No Reason To Cheat – the online casinos don’t really have a reason to cheat the customer, as we already talked about, the house edge guarantees them profit. The gambling business is even more profitable for the online casinos that, unlike the gambling halls, don’t have enormous the overhead to deal with. Sure, there are still online casinos that are rigged – some will simply look for the quick money and fail to look ahead in the long term. But people have really smarted up and no one does anything online before reading up on the subject first. The only people who fall victims to the rigged online casinos are those that fail to do the least bit of due diligence and simply join the first casino they see an advertisement for. On the other side, a good casino already knows that when they built a reputation for honesty they would benefit much more in the long term, since, again, the profit is already built into the casino games.
  • Selective Memory – the final reason on the list of why people thing the casinos are rigged is the good old selective memory. You wouldn’t believe how many people we have seen, especially and ironically at the offline casinos, that would go on a really great winning streak, but instead of getting up and leaving, they continue to play and lose their winnings. Then the accusations of rigged games and cheating casinos begin… Of course, you wouldn’t hear them claiming that the casino was rigged when they were on this amazing winning streak, but once the actual rules of the game kick in (don’t forget, the player always loses in the long term), the casino is, all of a sudden, rigged.

Bottom line here is that when you enter the local casino or when you start the online casino software, you are simply going for a lucky shot at winning. If you pick a slot machine, you will lose unless you are lucky enough to catch that particular machine (or video slot) at the moment when is paying out. Then you can make like a bandit. But approach the games always knowing that the chips are stacked against you and you should be gambling mostly for fun. And if you get that great winning streak – have the discipline to get up and cash out, otherwise you will lose. Don’t be that guy that turned £50 into £1,000, but continued to play and lost them all, then claiming the casino was rigged. And avoid the really rigged online casinos by choosing only among the approved list of online casinos.


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